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BRAVE10 第5巻 (MFコミックス フラッパーシリーズ)

Brave 10, Vol 5  - Kairi Shimotsuki, 霜月かいり Of course, we have to have a trip to the hot springs. Yukimura is quite the rogue. He stirs up trouble and seemingly flippant devil-may-care attitude. However, it masks his sharp observations and mind which is what I find intriguing about him. Yes, he's very stereotypical of that character archetype but I've always had a soft spot for Scarlet Pimpernel-esque characters and this is no exception.

Masamune Date is a pompous ambitious lord and sworn rival and foe of Yukimura. However he only knows him by reputation. This volume is very exciting due to the interplay between the two during the summons to the imperial court. We also see the political maneuvering of both camps. This is a nice contrast to the earlier comic relief of the gang's spa adventure and the general recruiting storyline.

This one so far is my favorite by far seeing Yukimura in action.