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A Daring Deception (A Zebra Regency Romance)

A Daring Deception - Cindy Holbrook This novel worked for me. It had wit, light humor, and intrigue. The Landreth family have been framed for treason and is on the run while trying to find evidence to prove their innocence. Jason Stanton, The Earl of Wynhaven stumbles upon Julia Landreth and then is attacked by killers who sent to dispatch her. She saves his life and nurses him back to health before joining her brother, Armand to infiltrate the Ton in London and prove their family's innocence. Oh, the other complication is that Stanton is engaged to Chlorinda Everleigh, the niece of Rendon but fortunately, their engagement has yet to be announced yet.

There are many elements to the story that might have you rolling your eyes. However, Holbrook manages the tone skillfully by having well placed light moments as well as focussing on the intrigue. She also weaves the right amount of character development as well as story development. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it was refreshing in that it was also a very clean book. It doesn't rely on any salaciousness to fill the pages or pad the story.