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Between a Heart and a Rock Place

Between a Heart and a Rock Place - Pat Benatar,  Patsi Bale Cox This memoir was a fast and intriguing read. I've been on a female rock memoir kick. Pat Benatar presents a lucid story about her musical career and the trials she had to deal with as someone trying to find their way, themselves and dealing with sexism without being heavy handed. You do feel as if she is telling you what she thinks.

It is really eye opening how the music industry is great at manipulating their artists yet is it really for the commercial success that they supposedly say is the reason for their attitudes? Or, is it the ugly that is allowed to rear its ugly head. After reading Neon Angel and this memoir, I can't help but to feel disgust with how they treat their artists and particularly female artists.

Was it an interesting read? On a feminist level? Yes. On a guilty pleasure level? Yes. High brow literary masterpiece? No. It's a memoir. However it was one of the better popular culture memoirs I've read in awhile.