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Naked in Death - J.D. Robb This was a very good romantic suspense novel. The protagonist, Eve Dallas is a strong cop with her own demons. She's a bit hard-boiled. The story is set in the future but not so distant that you can't follow along. A horrible murder has been committed and our heroine is the one responsible for justice. Of course, the love interest is a suspect and also causes complications.

While I liked the concept of Roarke, I felt that it progressed too fast for a woman with her particular inner demons. Not that it was necessarily a bad thing, in fact, it kept the pacing of the actual mystery going. But you do feel that the journey from point A to point B was glossed over.

Personally, I'm not sure how many more of these novels I can bear to read. While I love a good series, this one is going onto Book 40 or around there. There is the recurring theme of her love interest being a suspect. I have very little patience for that particular hook.

Besides that, the story was engaging. There is some character development though not very in-depth treatment. I suspect we'll get drips and drabs as the series goes on. And if you are looking to be committed to a long series, this one is an excellent one to try out.