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Sputnik Sweetheart - Haruki Murakami, Philip Gabriel I think how you feel about this novel depends on which of his other novels you have read first. After reading the last two books from the Rat series, Norwegian Wood, and 1Q84, this novel was good. I love that he has different style and voices but still deals with the disconnected character trying to connect. There are surreal elements but enjoy the characters and the story.

Sumire is a bit of a ditsy bon-vivant. She's a departure from the serious disconnected characters or a married lover for the main character (though we have one of those too). It was interesting trying to make sense of their relationship and that of Sumire's and Miu's. For once, the male character is actually the more well balanced character. This story is mainly about Sumire and not the narrator. It's about Sumire finding her way though we get it second hand for the most part.

I think that this is the first novel by Murakami I've read where the main male character gets the girl.