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The Sense of an Ending - Julian Barnes The story is told by Tony. He is pretty much your regular run of the mill guy who goes through childhood and adulthood with a certain distance and complacency about things. His dealings with Veronica were the most turbulent and they also involved his once close friend, Adrian.

After his marriage fails (though amicably) and sees less of his daughter's family (due to general progression of things), he falls into a routine which is then disrupted by unresolved issues from the past. I found this portion painful in that he is so fixated on it. Yet, I also felt that Veronica yanked his chain a lot when they were going out and whenever they dealt with each afterwards.

Okay, I just really go irritated with all the main characters involved. Veronica had major issues but dicked Tony around when they were going out and later with regards to the diary.

I realize why but I still couldn't muster up the sympathy. Tony pissed me off because he just couldn't let things go and took on unnecessary responsibility for things that weren't his responsibility; he supposed to be a grown up. And Adrian for taking the easy way out.

I just felt disappointed that in the end everyone was so narcissistic and hadn't grown one bit except older.

Those things aside. I liked that Tony was a regular average person and I could understand his earlier insecurity with Veronica and wanting to prove that he was not the loser that she had held in contempt back when they were going out.

I also liked the dynamics with Margaret and Tony -- not that I wanted them to split up because I didn't. It just wasn't perfect and it was realistic -- no bang but just a whimper.

I was hoping for a narrative that was more introspective of a man approaching and being in his twilight years. And this book does deliver. However, the introspection was painful as it seemed that there wasn't a degree of maturity reached by the narrator of the story -- just that he got older and things happened. I find that the hardest to deal with even if I do appreciate its realism. I guess in the end, I always hope to read about people get older and wiser but reality is not so accommodating.