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Origin in Death
J.D. Robb
Making Sense of Japanese: What the Textbooks Don't Tell You
Jay Rubin
Red Velvet and Absinthe - Kelley Armstrong, Mitzi Szereto, Janine Ashbless, Elizabeth Daniels, Bonnie Dee, Giselle Renarde, Charlotte Stein, Anna Meadows, Zander Vyne, Ashley Lister, Sharon Bidwell, Claire Buckingham, Cary Williams, Tahira Iqbal, Rose de Fer, Even Mora This is a collection of short paranormal romance stories. Most of the stories had interesting premises but not all were well developed. A few were pretty cliche while some were really interesting and a few were just out and out salacious smut. I think my favorite part of the collection is the title. For some reason, it drew me in and made me lower my guard and try a collection of short stories. However, I'm so glad that this was a elibrary book and that I didn't pay for this collection. I realize that I'm truly not a fan of short stories or anthologies.