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Salvation of a Saint - Keigo Higashino, Alexander O. Smith This is a excellent book and here are the reasons why. From the first chapter, you are handed the murderer and the crime to be committed and the motive. However, you have to piece together how and that starts creating holes and doubts to your conviction on whether it was Ayane who murdered her husband.

We also have dueling detectives. Kaoru Utsumi believes strongly that it is the wife. Kusanagi has doubts and pursues other avenues and we fall into his camp as well wanting desperately for Ayane to be innocent. As we learn more and more about the murdered husband, we can't help but to feel sympathy for Ayane.

The translation is also done really well and fully integrated into proper English. Whether it is accurate, I can't say since I didn't read it in Japanese but it doesn't have the usual awkwardness or stiffness we generally see in translated work. I realize that Japanese is a hard language to translate as it requires huge judgement calls on the part of the translator which is very intimidating.