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For the King - Catherine Delors This novel is about Roch Miquel who is a Chief Inspector in post-revolution Paris. He must investigate a failed assassination attempt on Napoleon but as his investigation progresses, the stakes become higher in ways he didn't imagine.

Miquel's character is a person in flux caught between two worlds. While this new social order in France allowed the opportunity for Miquel to rise from humble beginnings to be a police inspector, he still faces bias, office politics so to speak as well as a political game that he is no player but a pawn. I was worried that he would be kitchen-sinked like the main protagonist in Delors' first novel, [b:Mistress of the Revolution|1706794|Mistress of the Revolution|Catherine Delors|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1235594807s/1706794.jpg|1703956] but she balanced his powerlessness with what he was able to do.

Miquel struggles as he represents the ideals of the Revolution. However, the realities show the intrigue and power play runs deeper than he could have ever conceived among those who supposedly administer the ideals of the Revolution. His attitude towards his childhood friend, Alexandrine also reflects on his attitude towards his humble beginnings. While he doesn't hate it, he does view it as an obligation of sorts and annoyance and a world that he no longer inhabits. However, the world he thought he inhabited starts to fray when he investigates the failed assassination attempts.

Careerwise, Miquel thought he was making a difference and thought it was appreciated by a man he greatly respected and admired, Fouché. He also had a beautiful captivating mistress that he was greatly infatuated over. She is a beautiful noblewoman and the epitome of beauty; a creature that once belonged in a place in society that would have been out of reach for him pre-Revolution France. The investigation begins to change everything and Roch slowly learns the reality of his position at work and in society.

I highly recommend this novel. This novel is a great suspense thriller but also the rich character development within a society in transition really adds to the experience. I didn't necessarily like Roch but I didn't dislike him either. His struggles and journey is very compelling.