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Confessions of an Improper Bride - Jennifer Haymore I'm torn about my rating. This story had good character development and story development. The premise is that the ruined twin assumes the identity of the other who perished. Due to Serena's mother's machinations, Serena is trapped in a lie. And her former lover and her betrothed's best friend sees right through it.

The tangled web had me engrossed. Majority of the story is through Serena's eyes and a bit from Jonathan's. Her character and emotions are well developed. Jonathan's grief and shame also is well portrayed.

But I still didn't like Jonathan. While he grew a pair towards the end of the novel, he didn't really man up until then. He just seemed weak. And his youthful betrayal was also very hard to reconcile especially given the supposed depth of his feelings. That didn't work for me but that is purely personal taste rather than any fault of the author. Otherwise I would have given it a higher rating but I could say I really liked it either.