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Lord of Darkness - Elizabeth Hoyt I was intrigued by the premise with a pregnant Megs aka Lady Margaret seeking vengeance on the Ghost of St. Giles who is incidentally her current husband. The teaser from the previous novel with Winter's story had me hooked and I couldn't wait for this novel to come out. So there are several issues going on with this novel.

Meg has since miscarried her baby and comes to London to convince Godric to consummate their marriage in order to have a baby. She also wants to avenge Roger's death. Godric still is devoted to his first wife's memory. We have the Lassie Snatchers back in business again after a two year hiatus and the mystery of who is truly the ringleader of the illegal sweatshop scheme that Winter Makepeace has previous shut down. We also have the mystery of which of the Ghosts are responsible for Roger's death. And of course, finding out who else plays the part of the Ghost besides the gentleman already revealed to us.

I really liked the beginning of the novel. It jumps right into the story showing you the complications and dangers that Godric faces with his double life. You also get a good portion of the story from Megs POV. However, where I might have been sympathetic to her in the beginning, her hypocrisy irritated me.

While she wanted Godric to get over Clara, she wasn't willing to do so with Roger and asked significantly more from Godric than she was willing to give -- selfish, selfish, selfish. Although she tries to explain it away, still it left a bad taste in my mouth. It's a shame too because there was substantial relationship building in the beginning and I really liked Megs at first. However the relationship obstacles presented by Megs didn't help the development but hindered it making their end declarations of love for each other seemed forced.

The other thing that irritates me is that Megs is a lady. What makes her think she can handle investigating Roger's death on her own. St. Giles is dangerous to any man or woman. She is completely ill equipped to handle any real investigation. While I love strong heroines, there is a very fine line between stubborn strength and stubborn stupidity. However, the other issues that they had to tackle more than compensated this.

Godric has to find the workshops and rescue the girls. They finally have lead on the locations of the workshops but it is becoming increasingly dangerous for him as the authorities are extremely suspicious of him and as well as his double life.

There is also the matter of Roger's murder that ties in with these illegal sweatshops. The intrigue in the novel is the part that completely gripped me and has me waiting anxiously for the next novel which will involve Artemis whose story is also beginning to develop.