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The Duke of Shadows - Meredith Duran This was a pretty dark novel. Emma is placed from one bad situation after another. I liked her. She's a strong free thinking individual but not a total rebel. She struggles to reconcile herself as not being solidly in any world. Unfortunately, it worsens in the second half of the novel and becomes deeply psychologically damaged.

Julian is also a very compelling character as well. However, there are parts where he is just a total ass especially the later half of the novel. I really intensely disliked him at that point that whatever kindness he showed earlier in the novel was washed away. I realize that he too was damaged by the events that had occurred but still. He was a total jerk about it.

The story and character development are beautifully entwined. We get mostly Emma's story. Julian is only glimpses. The intrigue in the later half brings them together and is wonderfully done. I do recommend this novel though not if you are in search of light fare.