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Shadow of Night - Deborah Harkness This installment of the All Souls Trilogy is as dense as the first. While back in time, Diana and Matthew are dealing with their relationship while hiding out in Elizabethan England. The problem is that neither realized how complicated it would be or the issues of time travel at hand.

The pacing of the story left me a little dissatisfied for some reason. While I enjoyed where the story went as it progressed, I was getting frustrated that there were a lot of superfluous obstacles that just extended the story rather than adding to the development of either characters. It's my personal pet peeve when stories just remain in a repetitive loop without progressing or adding to the character development. Maybe that was the point but I still found it irritating. A bit too ala Dickens or Thomas Hardy for my taste. However, I enjoyed each stage of their journey even if I didn't necessarily each step.

There is more development of Matthew and Diana's relationship as well as Matthew dealing with his personal demons that stemmed from his mortal life. Diana finds out more about her parents and the truth with regards to their deaths. And it will be interesting to see how their journey back in time, changed the past and its effects on the present. I can't wait for the final installment. For all my grousing, I really do enjoy the series so far.