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To Kiss a Spy - Jane Feather, Wendy McCurdy This novel takes place in 17th century England amidst the succession turmoil involving Mary and Jane Gray.

The main character is a widow who suffered from her in-law's devious machinations and now the political intrigue that involves Mary whom she serves as a lady-in-waiting. The first portion of the novel deals with Pen, Owen and her potentially missing son whom would have been stolen or killed due to her mother-in-law's scheming. The latter part of the novel deals with the danger of Northumberland's power grab as he attempts to arrest Mary.

There was some development in Owen and Pen's relationship but the adventure and intrigue both with Pen's personal story and Mary's story were very compelling and I couldn't put the book down, wanting to know what happened even though I knew enough about British history to already know the outcome.