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Twelfth Night Secrets - Jane Feather I really had high hopes for this novel. The premise sounded promising. However, it fell short for a few reasons.

One. It's a huge leap to ask a woman with no real experience or training whose only role in the war effort was passing her brother's correspondence, to spy on England's top spy. Like really. Don't you think her efforts would be clumsy and place her in danger. Plus, the male attitudes of the period would not have look favorable on using a female in the first place.

Two. Why would Julius think it was okay to drug Nicholas while they were in the heart of enemy territory? If Nicholas was a good spy, he would also know when to butt out. Or Julius would have to work with Nicholas. But instead, he thought it was okay to drug his friend and thus placed him in danger. Like really. I can't swallow that one.

Lastly, the writing. This novel doesn't meet up to Jane Feather's usual quality. The story dragged. The characters lightly developed. After 100 pages into this 257 paged story, the story started to develop. Then it happened too quickly and the story seemed forced. I've read other books by this writer and I know she generally writes a decently developed story but this one falls far from the mark.