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Japanamerica: How Japanese Pop Culture Has Invaded the U.S. - Roland Kelts This book is written by a man who exists between two cultures -- Japanese and American. He looks at the Japanese influences in American pop culture and discusses the history, depth and the current struggles of Japanese anime industry.

I really enjoyed reading this account and found it very informative though at times romanticized. I was also very pleased that he did mention (though very brief) the female market. It did irk me how the males viewed the "strong, weak" female archetype as a celebration of females. I profoundly disagree with that assertion and found very little to address the female markets after that.

So, I very much enjoyed the general survey of the process, cultural perspective as well as the business side of the anime, manga, etc. However, I find that I would very much like to read something written by a woman who is in a similar situation and a fan herself.