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Maid Sama! Vol. 7 - Hiro Fujiwara Can we play ode to joy? Finally, this volume focusses on Misaki and Usui who have been dancing around their obvious attraction to each other. This volume opens with hijinx at the Maid Latte. Misaki helps Erika avoid a customer who wants to date her by impersonating a man and preventing that customer from winning a date with Erika. However, Hinata also enters to contest. Again, this is about Misaki and knowing her limits or not knowing her limits. While Hinata is a simple good natured guy, he's not a person Misaki can depend on or look to for support. Again, we get the contrast between Hinata and Usui. We still don't know much about Usui still but there's trouble being foreshadowed.

I really enjoyed this volume as we learn more of Hinata's character but also Misaki continues to make progress in her emotional growth. Can't wait to see what's next.