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Maid Sama! Vol. 6 - Hiro Fujiwara Kanou tries to figure out what's going on between Misaki ans Usui. Both would like to continue to deny their feelings for each other for whatever the reason. We know Misaki's issues but yet to learn of Usui's at this point. Now is time to insert conflicting love interest trope. A childhood friend enters the school looking for Misaki but he only knows her before the days of her father's abandonment. Misaki only remembers him as the chubby kid she mothered as a child. Things get interesting but the contrast between the two couldn't be more evident.

For the most part, this volume begins to move deeper into Misaki and Usui's relationship and then arrests it. It also mostly plays out with outlandish antics which do develop their relationship a bit though Misaki continues to resist and Usui seems discontented with their roundabout courtship especially with Hinata in the picture.

This volume was okay. They left breadcrumbs and mostly fluff in this one though the Q and A was very funny.