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オオカミどものしつけ方 [Ookamidomo no Shitsukekata] - Yuki Shiraishi, Yuki Shiraishi This high school drama / romantic comedy had promise at the start, it fizzled out midway through. The story is told from Keiji Soga's perspective. He's a new transfer student to an automative school that is notorious for having some of the most violent students. He is surprised to find that these rough and tough guys are led by Nozomi Setogawa, a cheerful young lady who loves to work with cars. Keiji being the new tough guy, rebuffs Nozomi's attempts to draw him in though he does wonder why she's at this school. What made this high school shove sunshine up your you-know-what Pollyanna-style tale different, is Nozomi's dark side that takes over when she loses it. But, it fizzles out after this chapter (sigh).

After this chapter, everything just descends into the ridiculous which undermines the set up of the two sides of Nozomi and Keiji. In fact, there's no real development after this. It's just high school hijinx crap. So if you don't mind that kind of mindless silliness, you will enjoy the subsequent chapters. If you want character development, read no further than the first chapter.