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Kiss of Steel (London Steampunk, #1) - Bec McMaster This novel does a good job world building as well as character development. The whole Victorian societal structure is still there but with radical changes that include vampires and werewolves (each creature as a result of a viral infection).

This story involves Honoria Pryor aka Honoria Todd who is trying to support her younger siblings in light of their father's death. Things go from bad to worse as she attracts the attention of Blade known as the Devil of Whitechapel. He is a non-blue blood infected with the craving virus and controls the underworld in that region. The primary focus is on Honoria and Blade's relationship as well as the intrigue surrounding Honoria and a blue-blood named Vickers.

I keep wavering between giving it a 3 or 4 star. It's a decent book and the start of a series and was definitely a lot richer and well formed world than the series I just previous read. While it's still a light paranormal romance, there is plenty of action and suspense too.