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The Temptation of a Gentleman (The Jordans #2) - Jenna Petersen This installment is about Noah and is better developed than the first and significantly more focussed. The action as well as the relationship development is all wrapped up within the story rather than separate stories competing with each other like in Audrey's story. I also liked Marion a lot. She's a strong character placed in a terrible situation.

My two quibbles with the book is that Noah is a bit of a hypocrite. He starts out as using her to gain information about the undercover investigation he has been asked to do. Then he gets really mad at her for not giving full disclosure about the situation that she is in even though he knew enough. It really ticked me off because she didn't necessarily withhold vital information. The other part was the final misunderstanding or the gothic turn in the story. It was already gothic enough but just had to go there for that final dramatic scene. But all of these criticisms are more of a personal criticism of a jaded reader.

The story truly is entertaining and a quick read with a bit of intrigue. If you are looking for light reading that is not too fluffy, this fits the bill.