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No. 6 Volume 1 - 'Atsuko Asano',  'Hinoki Kino' I'm so glad this manga is finally translated into English. This manga adaptation of Atsuko Asano's novel series does a great job capturing the complexity of the story as well as laying the groundwork for the character development. This story really appeals to me. The society has controlled everything and the people in the upper echelon lead a very privileged life. Everything seems great however of course something is missing. Shion is a child with all the privileges due to his amazing intellect but he doesn't feel satisfied. Something is missing and a part of him rebels. He also embodies kindness and compassion which his fellow counterparts don't necessarily express. Rat is his polar opposite. We don't know much of his history yet, but we know he's a VC on the run. He is not an elite and is more than aware of the darker side of the orderly No. 6. He is ruthless and deadly but not without his humanity though it might be questionable at times.

I'm looking forward to the next volume. I have read a fan translation of the light novel series that blew me away (But I can't read Japanese well enough to vouch for the authenticity of the translations). It's been a struggle reading the manga in Japanese as the vocabulary is pretty difficulty for me so I'm ecstatic over the English translation releases. I also enjoy the artwork though there is a lot going on.