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Skip Beat!, Vol. 31 - Yoshiki Nakamura This review is for the English translation I read this week. It fills in the gaps for me with the vocabulary I couldn't understand in the Japanese version.

Ren's dark side rears its ugly head on the set of Cain's movie. It comes to a huge shock to Kyouko but she helps Ren through this episode. Unfortunately, Ren withdraws into his faux charming personae leaving Kyouko wondering what is going on. She ends up spending her entire school day wondering what caused Ren to lose control as she is sure it wasn't an act.

We finally get to see Sho, Shoko and Mimori. Sho is definitely shocked at Kyouko's transformation. But what does it mean in the future? Who knows. It sure seems that Sho is becoming more obsessed with Kyouko as her career takes off.

I'm looking forward to the next volume in English.