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BLACK BIRD 18 (Betsucomiフラワーコミックス) - 桜小路 かのこ I really enjoyed the ending of this series. Everything appeared to be wrapped up nicely. This volume opens with the fact they still haven't found the key to saving Misao but Kyo eventually comes to terms with it. In fact, a lot of this volume involves Kyo doing that though I found myself feeling a bit impatient with it after all Misao is the one who is going to die. And Misao also comes to terms with her impending death too. In this volume, Misao becomes the emotionally strong one while Kyo just goes to pieces. Still a very tender volume with a lot going on. A lot of humor too. Kyo's father meets Misao's mom. I have to say that the ending was very satisfying though I know I've missed a lot of nuances since my Japanese is still not on the level.