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The Lake - Banana Yoshimoto Banana Yoshimoto's work and beauty lies in the slice of life she presents. While she deals with characters as they muddle through the travails of their lives, there is not real closure to her stories and is left up to you. This story is no exception. What I didn't like about this particular novella was the uneven development. The beginning is slow because the our narrator is being developed and the timeline moves back and forth as well as from dream to reality. However, with relation to the other characters, it seemed too quick or didn't even come close to the level of development of our main female character. So when we get the big reveal and the ending, it feels quick and was unsatisfying to me. I didn't dislike it though.

You either like or dislike Yoshimoto's work. She writes slice of life stories that have a haunting and open ended quality to them. But it's off putting due to the oddness in the story pacing.