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Black Bird, Vol. 16 - Kanoko Sakurakouji This volume begins to deal with the whole issue of the Senka Maiden. Kyo and Misao are confronted with the strong possibility that she will die upon giving birth to their child as the last Senka Maiden had. Kyo and Misao are both conflicted though Kyo chooses Misao. Here Kyo really irritates me. He's supposed to be older and wiser -- the head of the Tengu clan but he totally is selfish and irrational. I guess you have to give him that since he worked his whole life to be with Misao and not necessarily wanting to be the clan leader.

Their journey continues as there is more emotional development on Kyo's part whereas Misao sees the other implications. The last few chapters are the start to the final story arc of the series which ends with Volume 18 that was recently released in Japan.