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When You Give a Duke a Diamond  - Shana Galen I almost didn't borrow this novel from the library as I generally dislike the trope of crossing class gap primarily my unwillingness to suspend disbelief if the hardships involved with this particular scenario. However, the murder suspense and the excellent character development distracted me from my disbelief.

Juliette is refreshing. She isn't coy or unnecessarily headstrong. She is a real and credible character. Will is also a compelling character. You do feel sorry for him and the saving grace is that the man can be taught. Juliette also undergoes her own development as well.

I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Sinclair issue. I think when they were involved, my disbelief came crashing back even if I did admire the idea.

I thoroughly enjoyed the character and plot driven novel and look forward to reading the remaining novels in the series.