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てっぺん! 1 [Teppen! 1] - An Tsukimiya This is a cute serial that ran in LaLa DX magazine. The story is about Kobata Uehara who leaves London after the only parent succumbs to a terminal illness to chase after a clue regarding the existence of a long lost older brother who has a career in show business in Japan. Kobata tries to navigate the new country with limited resources and gets drawn into a modeling contest after a contentious encounter with one of the judges, embittered Takeru Shinjou whose career has stalled. However, once Kobata is accepted into the all male talent agency, things begin to get complicated because Kobata is a girl.

It's a cute series with all the cliches you can jam into it. You have the trials of Kobata concealing her true gender, her search for her long lost brother, Takeru's professional struggles and personal history with Iori, as well as the feelings developing between Kobata and Takeru. Kobata also faces her struggle with a generally upbeat attitude and a great deal of perseverance like every other idealized shoujou heroine.

It's a shame this light romantic comedy is not licensed in English. It's a very cute two-volume series with very endearing characters and focused on the growth of Kobata and Takeru