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The Lady Most Willing...: A Novel in Three Parts - Eloisa James, Connie Brockway, Julia Quinn This novel is written by three authors - Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, and Connie Brockway. The premise is Taran wants to see his bloodlines preserved even though he didn't have any sons of his own. He invites his two unmarried nephews to his castle and then precedes to kidnap potential brides for them. Of course, they are stuck at the castle due to a snow storm. They also inadvertently kidnap a Duke as well as a minor gentlewoman.

The novel opens with tongue firmly in cheek. To start the saga is Julia Quinn. Quinn keeps the tongue and cheek tone and develops the interplay between her two characters. While she doesn't go into any real character developing, you get the sense of the two characters through their interplay.

Next up is Eloisa James who is famous for her flawed and ruined heroines. The story begins to intensify emotionally. The major obstacle of course is the ruined reputation and the issues associated with it.

Lastly, is Connie Brockway. Her final piece of the novel has the couple trying to figure out if they love each other in the usual roundabout manner with the usual misunderstandings etc. Nothing wrong with it. Just that she has to condense it within a relatively short period of time. She does a marvelous job jumping right in there and taking the story to a new level.

I really enjoyed reading this novel with the three different writers. Usually, I don't care for anthologies or multiple writer works because they are either clunky in their transitions or too short and have unbalanced story development. While there is still some given the premise, these three women did a fine job while maintaining their signature style.