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Bead Embroidery Stitch Samples - CRK design, Yasuko  Endo This book is easy to read and follow. It gives you clear and concise descriptions of materials, techniques and how to execute each stitch. Easy to follow diagrams on how to load the beads onto the embroidery floss and then great detailed easy to follow diagrams on how to execute the stitching.

There are also ample color examples of the finished stitches so that you can get a better feel of how the finished product would look like. A wide variety of types of stitches that are beautiful yet give a different feel -- from lettering, floral themes to lace patterns.

There are small embellishment projects to help you get started with bead embroidery.

You don't need to have experience with embroidery in order to use this book. You will be up and running in no time.