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A Lady's Revenge - Tracey Devlyn This novel opens with the daring rescue of Cora who has been an agent of the crown spying in France with hopes of discovering her parents murderer and exacting revenge. Her cover is blown and she's about to break from the torture when her childhood friend, Guy and her brother, Ethan rescues her. This is only the beginning.

The rest of the book concentrates on the aftermath as well as dealing with the French agent after Cora. A good portion of the novel deals with Cora's PTSD and Guy's emotional turmoil. The other part is the cat and mouse game between the French agent and the English.

Most of the novel was well woven. I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. There were a few elements that irritated me. The forced excessive guilt from both Cora and Guy. If it weren't for the anticipation for the intrigue, I would have been rolling my eyes repeatedly. The other part is my skepticism over whether or not our heroes and Cora's father would have learned tai chi and to the mastery that they proclaimed. Tai Chi is not something children can master and requires a certain type of maturity in order to developed mastery at an applied level. While there is a remote possibility of exposure to it on trips to the orient, I really couldn't reconcile it.

Aside from my personal pet peeve, the novel is very intense with a great balance of character development and story development. She does an excellent job leading the story and the characters.