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Princess in Disguise: A Novella - Karen Hawkins This was a cute novella. Very short but jumped right into the action. Alexandra is a princess by marriage from a small country just outside of Russia. She has been widowed for two years and is secretly looking for a husband in Scotland stemming from her Scottish tutor's influence and since the suitors that have since turned up have been less than desirable. She's also supposed to be incognito but that is quickly abandoned in the story. Lord Kintore is hounded by guilt from an accident in his past that prevents him from making close connections with anyone. The story is light with a lot of heart. Unfortunately, since it is a novella, the ending gets resolved too quickly in comparison with the rest of the story. Hawkins does a great job developing Alexandra and Kintore. While there are a few holes in the story and ending rushed, it was still fun getting to know Alex and Kintore.