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Mine, All Mine - D.L. Rose,  Ella J. Quince This novel is a great bargain on Amazon. The story is about Lilly who is a daughter of a duke but unfortunately her stepfather's treason has isolated her and put her in great danger. She ends up hiding in the household of the very man who is a retired spy bought out of retirement to find her.

The writer does an excellent job with pacing and focussing on the main characters. She also provides a reasonable explanation of how Lilly could adapt from peer to cook's assistant.

The few things in the story that bothered me were minor like how Dominic could have believed Mille aka Lilly had worked for the previous duke for 11 years despite her cultured diction and I'm sure her hands would be a dead giveaway. Luckily, Dominic was smart enough to put the pieces together quickly.

Also, I'm not so sure how her friends would rally behind her when they didn't offer help in the beginning of the scandal. While it did make her friends endearing, not so sure that they would have helped her out as they are young members of the Ton as well as unmarried.

Luckily these elements were very minor ones in an otherwise engaging and focussed story.