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Intimate Deception - Laura Landon This was a pleasant surprise. I succumbed to Amazon's recommendations pressuring me to try her novels. The story was engrossing and capitalized a lot on two-faced evil doers. Grace and Vincent are very well developed. You even get a sense of Grace's father and Lord Fentington. You already get a strong sense of their character early on in the novel. With that said, it made some of the elements of the story a little unbelievable

First of all, I would have thought Vincent would be angrier with Genevieve. Although Raeborn seems like a pragmatic individual, still he was drugged and entangled in Genevieve's and Grace's plan. Also, the final revelation with Lord Fentington's epiphany was a bit much to take. I'm not sure if I would be able to reconcile how Fentington handled his final scene with Vincent. Perhaps if he felt that revenge was best served cold in the way things were shaping up as it was initially suggested but the bit about his sister's revelation and his subsequent epiphany just seemed out of place. Overall, these are very minor flaws.

I really really enjoyed the story and the characters.