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The Baron's Betrothal: An On-Again, Off-Again, On-Again Regency Romance (Horsemen of the Apocalypse #2) - Miranda Davis In the beginning, I liked Elizabeth. She is a complete privileged hoyden who admittedly bordered on being a total spoiled brat. I liked William too and how he toys with her in the beginning of the novel when Elizabeth doesn't realize who he is. Of course, once they start for London, everything goes terribly wrong.

Here is the portion of the novel that threw me. The couple's misunderstanding or separation emotionally just got greater and greater that it seemed very hard for the story to resolve it. Then the added complication of William's resounding rejection and Lady Clun's machinations just furthered the distance between William and Elizabeth. It was hard for me to reconcile. There were also little substantive interaction between William and Elizabeth at this point also was quite frustrating. Also during this period of the novel, Elizabeth is a total brat.

The rewind scenes also distracted from the pacing of the story. While it's great to have each character's perspective in the same moment, it seemed that the first time the scene plays out for one character would play out too far and then rewind to the other character. Aside from that, the rewind scenes were still entertaining.

I liked Lady Clun's development in the story and her role. She's the mother from hell and you get that sense quite clearly. Very well developed character. I totally hated her guts and was rooting for William and Elizabeth.

Overall, I enjoyed the novel. I liked William and couldn't wait to see Lady Clun get her comeuppance. It was also nice to see the characters from the previous novel play a supporting role.