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Eat, Pray, Love - Elizabeth Gilbert This book started out with a lot of promise. It seemed like it would be a thoughtful soul searching novel about trying to find yourself but not in the total typical flaky adverturesome way using exotic backdrops and the usual escapes that end up taking center stage rather than the person's state of mind and emotional evolutions. At first, it seemed that way. You really get into the situation and the state of mind for the narrator with regards to why her life as it stood could not continue on its present course.

However, once she embarked on her "soul searching" it became less thoughtful and more topical. Which is fine too except that she starts to devolved into whining and no real lessons learned. Maybe the usual glorification of seeing the world outside of themselves but it just smacked of self-adsorption that got a dose of reality but then fade again into self-adsorption with nothing really learned despite her attempts to romanticize and justify her actions. The novel definitely devolved into the flaky self-absorbed narrative I had hoped it didn't come to.

Perhaps the hype surrounding this novel had set my expectations high and it's a mindless read. If you want to reading about a woman going through a mid-life crisis and becoming self-absorbed and narcissistic, then this novel will not disappoint.