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Shades of Gray - Maya Banks If you've read Maya Banks's Sweet series and the Montgomery and Armstrong series, you will see a combination of the two in this novel. This is my first KGI novel and it had a few difficult elements seems to be permeating Banks' series regardless of whether they are historical romances, contemporary, or erotica.

The story is about PJ who is generally a loner and has been burned by a previous experience. However, a mission goes horribly wrong and PJ suffers for it. The problem I have with the scenario is that traffic was the issue that separated the team as well as Donovan not doing due diligence. Also, it just seemed that the missions seemed short sighted and didn't have contingencies. Also PJ subsequently made a lot of stupid mistakes as well. I guess we can chalk it up to the trauma of her assault but still they were very glaring especially the part that involved Katia. That had trap written all over it and still she was an idiot.

The other thing is that none could find her after she took off from the hospital. Seriously. I think following Brummely's trail or monitoring him would be one avenue. I just found it hard to believe that the team and Cole wouldn't think to follow that avenue.

If you overlook those pretty glaring issues, it's not a bad story. I really wanted to find out what happened and how it was going to play out. Not sure if I would hire the KGI for anything but certainly made for a mindless read.