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Edge of Dawn - Lara Adrian This is the first novel in the Midnight Breed series which takes place 20 years after the initial revelation of the Breed's existence to the human population. The relationship between humans and Breed is still very tenuous though they are able to live out in the open. However, Mira is now in her twenties never recovering from Kellan's death from rebel human trap eight years ago. After attacking a human she believed was partially responsible for Kellan's death, she's reprimanded and pulled of active duty to guard a scientist for an important peace summit for humans and Breed. Unfortunately, they are kidnapped by a rebel group led by Bowman who turns out to be Kellan. And things get complicated fast.

I initially was done with the series and hesitated to pick this one up. However, I was glad that I did. While the story is focussed on Mira and Kellan, the tension between humans and Breed still play an important part of the story as well. In fact, they are beautifully intertwined. I couldn't help being drawn into Mira's despair as well. Lots of action, intrigue and conspiracies. Not a wasted moment in this novel. I couldn't put the book down.

This novel definitely jumpstarts the Midnight Breed series beautifully as we face new enemies with different dynamics that the Breed must face. I can't wait to see what happens next in follow up novels. It has renewed my interest in this series.