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The Wicked Lover (Berkley Sensation) - Julia Ross This novel is a slow burn. Sylvie Georgiana has been hired by the Duke of Yveshire to find evidence to lead to the downfall of Robert Dovenby aka Dove, for the death of his younger brother. Disguised as a boy, she attempts to infiltrate his household and gather evidence. However, Dove already sees through her disguise and attempts to uncover her true purpose in a long cat and mouse chase that takes up the majority of the novel.

The explanations and action happen late in the novel. In fact, compared to the excruciatingly long slow burn of the intrigue between Dove and Sylvie, everything just gets wrapped up too quick and perhaps a bit too tidy. The plot very much runs like a gothic novel minus the dark castle and evil guardian. The twists and turns are very convoluted. The reveal at the end comes out of nowhere and the development falls very short compared to the beginning. In spite of it, it still is a very engaging story.