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Ripe for Seduction - Isobel Carr The plot and the story was okay. And if you're looking for a story that doesn't have much development other than a means to an end for a detailed slow seduction, then this novel is for you. However, if you want everything to be woven beautifully with strong character development as well as a strong plot, you'll need to look else where.

This story is mostly about Roland seducing Olivia. It's all about her succumbing and Roland developing more than superficial feelings. I could understand it if her character wanted to say the hell with society's rules and she was going to go down in flames but she only makes half hearted attempts at everything. She doesn't really know what she wants other than to retreat from Society in light of her scandal which was not her fault in anyway. She really came off as headstrong brat. Roland does slightly better. He still a hedonistic son with no real expectations. While he has his moments of development, they are only moments that do not carry through. However, his character remains generally consistent.

It's the secondary characters who adds the depth to the story but on parallel tracts. Philip and Margot are far more compelling and mature. They were far more interesting than their younger counterparts. It was almost distracting though that Philip is Olivia's father and Margot is Roland's older sister. But still, I wanted to know more about them. The part with the evil cousin was predictable but had potential but the story was already being pulled in all different directions that it would have made it difficult to develop.

All in all, it's an okay novel. Not great. Not entirely bad either.