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My Wicked Little Lies (Sinful Family Secrets) - Victoria Alexander I thought this was well done. Evie reluctantly drawn back into the game which rouses her husband's suspicions and insecurities. It was comical and fun with the appropriate amount if intrigue.

What cracked me up was the situation where Evie gets kidnapped due to Lord Maxwell's supposed misinterpreting Adrian even though Adrian rightly told him that was not an option.

It was funny seeing Adrian also dig himself deeper and deeper into trouble. I'm not sure about the friendship with Beryl. It kinda seemed out of place at first but smoothed out later.

This was a well put together story with all the parts generally working well. I reveled in the silliness and the serious parts too. And it was refreshing to have a relatively well balanced heroine who wasn't annoyingly stubborn and quite honest with herself though at times blinded by seeing red ( rightfully so too).