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Shameless - Anne Stuart I love this author's ability for storytelling and make you interested in the story despite not really liking the main characters. In fact, I really didn't like Benderick. I liked Melisande though she was unbelievably naive. With that said, I'm not sure how I feel about this story. I really didn't like the dynamic between the two characters. He was a total jerk and he wasn't a green immature callow youth. Truthfully, I was more interested in Emma and Brandon's story which were touched upon lightly but not fully developed (yet). The epilogue was also abrupt.

With that said, this series can be tough despite the interesting plot that does pull you in. With the exception of Miranda's story, the series rides on the premise of the incredibly popular guy finally seeing the ugly duckling. A lot of times, the guys is a total jerk and with no real character development to make you feel comfortable about the relationship development. Aside from two of the four main male characters, the males were spoiled brats with really no justification for their behavior and made it hard to reconcile their more redeeming moments.