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The Spy Wore Silk - Andrea Pickens If you enjoyed the old James Bond movies pre-Daniel Craig, you will enjoy this novel. The story is a bit outlandishly slick at moments a la old James Bond. However, I love a good story with extremely strong female characters. Aside for the few moments of contrived slickness, the story is very engrossing as you try to figure out who the traitor is. I found it a little difficult to swallow the mistress marching in and deciding on who would be her protector. Quite frankly, dealing with the upper echelons of the Ton, those men are used to taking what they want and a mere mistress would be subjected to will of a Ton male rather than behaving gentlemanly as they had. There are also moments where you wonder and question whether it was plausible that yoga or tai chi would have been introduced. It's not to say they weren't but it did raise flags that pulled you out of the spell Pickens weaves with her story.