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Outlander (Outlander, #1) - Diana Gabaldon I agree with a lot of reviewers that Gabaldon is an excellent storyteller. She dealt well with the time travel without it being hokey and you totally get drawn into the main character's plight. As Claire is transported in time and deals with the trials as a "healer" and trying to get back to the formation which transported her. Of course, everything gets complicated. It continues to be complicated. Again, great story teller and you do get drawn into her struggle as everything is told from her point of view and in the first person. Gabaldon does it very well.

However, things keep happening to them non-stop and I almost can't bear to continue reading even though I'm so close to the end.

Here's the part that is a criticism about the whole series and it's really my personal preference that is at odds not the writer's novels..
The main storyline is about Jamie and Claire and how they are brought together and torn apart. Over and over and over again. I can't take it. The series's main hook is about Jamie and Claire getting together and nothing else. They don't remain together due to freak circumstances and constantly pulled apart with such strange circumstances. Jamie comes back from the dead more times than a vampire and he doesn't actually die. I can't take it. Aaah....the story never moves forward....only the places, time period and maybe contrivances change but it's the same story over and over again. It's not my taste. Otherwise, I recommend reading her novels. She has a beautiful style that is just right and the story does suck you in and is very intense. Just too intense for me.