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Fifty Shades Trilogy - E.L. James I waver between one star or two. Maybe a 1.5.

It's okay. Thin storyline, thin erotica, thin character development and lots of stretches with what little character development and plot that did occur. I suspect a lot of readers were as interested in a well developed plot as much as men are in Playboy articles but even the salacious bits and relationship bits were meh. There are a lot of more popular romance novels that had more going on and it had strong plot and character development to boot.

Truthfully, there was potential with the story that fell flat due to poor execution. If you are a seasoned reader who reads because television doesn't do it for you due to very light development, these books will not appeal to you and probably irritate you especially with all the hype surrounding it. Otherwise, the books aren't horrible and an okay read truthfully.