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Vampire Knight, Vol. 15 - Matsuri Hino In this installment, very little is answered and more of Yuki and Zero but no progress whatsoever. I have lost a lot of enthusiasm for this series as it progresses. It was really interesting up until around Vol 9 - whichever volume involved the story arc with the final battle with Rido.

I've been pretty disappointment with Yuki's lack of development. She flirts at being stronger character but when it counts, she falls flat on her face or is rescued by some male character. It's very frustrating.

However, this volume does involve more action and some background. The focus is more the tension between Yuki and Zero. The story does progress though ever so slowly and not at a satisfying rate. I get the feeling that Hino doesn't know what to do with the story and is no longer as enthusiastic herself in the story either as her artwork becomes more rushed and vague as well.