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On a Wicked Dawn  - Stephanie Laurens This book had me laughing in the beginning. Our hero, Lucien is drunk out of his mind but manages to appear sober enough for Amelia to propose to him. To which he replies yes and then passes out. And away we go....

Both characters are pretty much fighting to establish their place in their relationship. What is different that they pretty much see being together as a done deal and its also not a matter of the individuals realizing they love the other person but actually professing their love to the other person.

The intrigue in this story is who is the thief? Actually, towards the end, I started skimming the hero/heroine relationship development parts just to get to the bottom of the secondary story.

In the end, the conflict between Lucien and Amelia is much ado about nothing. And after the novelty of Amelia being the aggressor/Lucien already knows he loves Amelia wears off, the story tended to drag and drag until we get to the mystery of the thief.