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A Hellion in Her Bed - Sabrina Jeffries This series begins each novel with a prologue that occurs in each Sharpe sibling's childhood around the time right before the murder of their parents. As the series continues, we are given a little bit more surrounding the mystery of what now appears to be a double murder. We are then brought to the present when they are adults being forced to find a spouse or be cut off by their grandmother who currently supports all five of them.

I've read these novels out of order but enjoyed the story nonetheless. This story involves Jarrett and their grandmother's Brewery and Annabel of a competing brewery. Again, you do have the typical hero/heroine dynamic and Gran in the background manipulating everyone. It's very entertaining and enjoyable.

I really enjoyed each character working through their own personal issues as well as with each other. I also find the sibling dynamic heartwarming and well developed.

I look forward to finishing the last novel.