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In Pursuit of Miss Eliza Cynster - Stephanie Laurens This story is a refreshing change because neither the hero nor the heroine are the typical alpha personalities in conflict as you usually see in this genre and in Laurens other novels. Eliza and Jeremy are both on the rational and more sedate personalities than their counterparts. The story was no less engaging. I remember Jeremy from the novel in the Bastion Club series, The Lady Chosen. Both characters while not exactly adventurous or particularly athletic, they are smart enough to figure out things out.

We also learn more of the on-going plot as to why this person is forced to kidnap the Cynster sisters. I found it rather hard to believe that the laird despite being really an honorable gentleman being forced to do this for the sake of his clan, could just write off Eliza so quickly because she couldn't ride. I don't know. It's kind of funny but seemed out of place considering what is at stake. Then again, we have one more sister but still.

I also enjoyed that there wasn't the usual final obstacle plot device used. While Laurens does tease you with the possibility, it never becomes an issue and also reaffirms the feelings of the two characters.