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My Heart's Desire - Kate Silver I enjoyed the story. Miriame is a strong female character who masquerades as a male for a variety of reasons. Of the three girls, she is the character that can pull it off the best. She has street smarts.

Jean-Paul is a different story. He seems too immature and weak. The yelp doesn't seem like he is an appropriate pairing for Miriame. First, he is head over heels for Francine. Then he's attracted to Miriame before Francine disavows him. Then, he becomes fixated on Miriame and then has to reconcile her being the same person who stole his identity. It's too much for this character to wrap around his head.

The women in this story is far more engaging. The intrigue with Francine and the Cardinal was far more engaging than Jean-Paul's discovery of Jean-Paul 2's real identity.

The other part I can't quite reconcile is how they give up their male-alter egos at the end and how they supposedly hide from making strong political enemies. The resolution seems incomplete in these novels (though I've only read the first and last novel in the series).

All and all, it was a decent gender bender story. It does have its fair share of suspension of disbelief moments but no less entertaining.